Ania Grzeszek - Woven Journals

December 2016

Top 10 inspiring Istagrammers

It's been a good year for my small business. But it's been an incredible year for my Instagram. There were so many people I met online, who are kind, supporting, talented and friendly! In this post, though, I wanted to share a list of 10 Instagram profiles that had the biggest impact on my work in 2016. Some of the people listed here might not even know it. People, who inspired me and helped me to realise what is my aesthetics, my style, what interests me and what I want to try next. People who opened my eyes to certain things. It's not a list of my IG besties, so don't cry, if you're not here, besties! With this post, I want to help you understand more of where my art comes from.

@aureliantownsend I remember first finding Amy's profile. I scrolled through her whole feed in one go, it was love at first sight. Apart from taking stunning photos, Amy is also a great weaver, spinner and knitter. I love her minimalistic aesthetics, something that resonates so well with me as an architect. It was such an interesting journey to follow Amy this year - she was trying new things, pursuing new ideas and sharing her love for slow and local. And she is such a sweet and kind lady on top of that. Still one of my favourite IG accounts.

@janelle_pietrzak Janelle's weavings are a real eye candy. I gasp every time she posts something new. She is great at mixing mediums and pushing the boundaries. Her weavings reminiscent golden waterfalls, shiny mountains and sparkly deserts. I adore Janelle's fibre and colour choices and I love ceramic elements in her weavings.

@lealeathomas Lea is a weaver and a musician. If you look at her weavings, you will hear her music. If you listen to her music, you will have her weavings in front of your eyes. Lea's art is beautiful, delicate and has something elusive about it. There is some magic in it, I am sure. I like to think that Lea is weaving her stories and songs into her cloth.

@jessfeury Jess was the first weaver making something else than just wallhangings, that I stumbled across. No wonder her work has a special place in my heart. I adore her garments and I love her making clothes into art. Plus I could cuddle her handwoven pillows forever.

@theghostdancer I got obsessed when I first saw one of "The Ghost Dancer" woven work. It's not a secret, that Rhiannon's capes inspired me to start working on my own handwoven garments. I'm still swooning over her wearables and wonderful jewellery. What I also love about Rhiannon's Instagram is that it's a  celebration of feminity. If you need a proof that a woman is a piece of art, just visit her feed.

@rebeccadesnos I started following Rebecca pretty early in her Instagram activity and I loved how she was always gladly sharing her knowledge and tips with other Instagrammers. Now, over 20k followers later, she is still the same sweet and helpful lady, responding to every comment and answering every question. I learnt a lot from Rebecca's feed and even more from her gorgeous ebook which I could praise forever. She has been a push to go back to botanical dyeing and made it fun and easy for me. If it wasn't for her, I would never know willow leaves can make this beautiful coral red and I would definitely eat fewer avocados!

@modernbotanics I did not have a special connection to plants before I found Mirta's feed. I don't own any plants myself and what I was seeing in the park was just green to me. Mirta opened my eyes to the beauty of every small piece of nature and to the abundance of plants. I never considered a flower or a bush to be a piece of art before. If you look at my botanical pouches collection now, you'll understand that I went a long way, all thanks to Mirta's wonderful illustrations.

@hannaontheroad When I first saw Hanna Lisa's feed, I was thrilled to meet a fellow yarn-addicted Berliner. After few weeks of following her, I realised she's a real gem for next few reasons. Hanna Lisa is amazing in pursuing her ideas and she seems to have tens of them per second. When I need a kick, I visit her feed. She's such an honest, thoughtful, active and brave woman. The list of her projects is long and they are all thrilling and amazing (like a book for yarn and knitting lovers, how great is that!). And on top of her creative and business work, she is a feminist and an advocate for women empowerment. She is coaching women wanting to open a small business and her own business shows that she's really good at it.

@anekdotboutique Sofie was one of the first members of Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv that I've met. She has an upcycle brand, making stunning lingerie with production waste and off-cuts. Sofie lives her vision, doesn't support fast fashion, shops only second hand, except the underwear, that she makes herself. I love her mission and support it with all my heart. It was her who introduced me to "Fashion Revolution" and made me realise in what crazy consumption-driven world we live in. All I bought in 2016 is a second-hand coat and an Anekdot bra. I think it's quite a statement.

@berlinkreativekollektiv Last but not least - this wonderful collective. They are such an amazing support in both online and offline world. I wouldn't be where I am now without them. Berlin is a beautiful city full of amazing artists and entrepreneurs and there's nothing better than joining forces to make something great. It's all so much easier when you work together and you can achieve big things, which you wouldn't even dream of otherwise. Off to 2017, team!