Ania Grzeszek - Woven Journals

March 2017

How to stay creative

How to stay creative when you think you can't?

But first of all: How is it even possible, that a 27-yo person has back problems?
People usually dislike what they’re not good at. For some it is maths, for me, it was always sport. I truly dislike it but I never stopped exercising for good, even if I was only doing yoga every few days. I thought it’s fine.
My lifestyle changed quite some in the last 1,5 years. I finished my studies, started working, got a dog, moved in together with my boyfriend and (!) started weaving. While I haven’t seen it coming, I must have been short sighted. What happened to my back in February this year was a combination of my sedentary lifestyle and more and more stress building up inside me.

I swear, my favourite pastime is sitting. I could sit for hours, even not having much to do. I can entertain myself quite well for a good few hours, thinking about everything and nothing. I don’t even need a book, there are enough things going on in my head. This is probably what makes me so happy about weaving. It’s a relaxed hobby, where you sit down, wind up your yarns, and let your hands work while your head's up in the clouds. But add 8h day job to 2-3h of weaving a day and you end up with a lifestyle of a very passive grandma.
I’m a very quiet and calm person on top of that. I don’t talk much and I usually keep most of my thoughts to myself. I also keep my worries to myself, I don’t confront people who annoy me, I don’t scream or break plates. I used to go out dancing a lot in the past, to shake all these feelings off. But since I „settled“, got a job, adopted my (old) baby dog and started weaving, I didn’t feel like doing that anymore. How did I release stress? I didn’t.

You might know that yourself – weaving is a relaxing hobby, having a small business isn’t. Keeping up with everything in the evening hours is quite a challenge, especially for somebody who puts so much effort in learning marketing, perfecting photography skills, building a website and staying on top of all social media trends while actually making new products.
How often do we, small business owners, do take the time to think about where we’re going and what we want? I myself was reflecting quite a lot about all that have happened in the past but didn’t really look too much in the future. Yes, I was making some plans, but rather small and humble ones. Now that my obligatory business break got me, I had enough time to think. And as much as I love sitting around for hours, sitting around for days and weeks is not my thing. My fingers were (and still are) itching to start making something, so I had to find a creative outlet. I poured all my creativity into thinking.
I started asking myself questions. What is important to me? Where do I want to go? What are my biggest worries? Do I want to make a difference? How do I do that?

An idea was born. I realised I do want to make a difference. I’d like to start a business that is promoting values important to me. I want my conscious lifestyle to be a part of my job. I am still working as an architect and I definitely don’t want to give up weaving, so it will all have to develop slowly. But that’s not necessarily bad, as we all know good things take time!

My newsletter subscribers already got the first idea of a direction I want to go in. Now I would really appreciate if you could take few seconds too. I would like you to answer my one-question survey. Just click here and let me know your thoughts. And we’ll see where it all goes from here :)