Ania Grzeszek - Woven Journals

Care Guide

Hand woven fabrics should be treated with special care. I recommend washing all the textiles you purchase by hand, in lukewarm water and with pH-neutral detergents. Roll up washed cloth between two hand towels and press out the rinse water. Dry flat.
If you, however, decide to use a washing machine, there's a wonderful guide written by Laila Lundell and Elisabeth Windesjö, that you can follow along.

Keep in mind, that more loosely woven fabrics should only be hand washed because they are more susceptible to wear than tightly woven ones. Likewise, fabrics with loose pattern floats should never be machine washed. For tigthly woven textiles follow the instructions below. Note, that the most delicate fiber determines the best cleaning method.

Cotton textiles

Machine-wash in 40-60C water. Do not spin after the first few washes to avoid crumpling the fabric and leaving streaks where the color bleeds out. After several washes, the fabric softens and won't be negatively affected by spinning. Iron the fabric when it's still slightly damp.


Woolens can be machine-washed in 30C water on the wool or fine fabrics programme if you want the fabric to be fulled. How much the fabric will full depends on the quality of the fibre in the yarn and it's difficult to predict exactly what will happen. Hand-washing in lukewarm water always work. Spin the fabric and press it under a pressing cloth.


Machine-wash linens at 40C. For the first few washes, spin gently. Don't tumble dry as that will make the fabric surface fluffy. Linens take heat and can be ironed, but ironing also makes linen dull and limp. Cold mangle the linen later on to bring out the lustre.


Hand-wash, preferably with a special soap for silk, that you can buy in a yarn shop. Squeeze out the excess water with a terry cloth towel, let it dry and iron it on low heat.

Extract from "The big book of weaving"; Laila Lundell and Elisabeth Windesjö; Trafalgar Square Books; 2005; p. 81