Ania Grzeszek - Woven Journals

Woven Journals is my creative outlet and a display of art that I handcrafted with passion.

Weaving is a journey

I'm an architect and a weaver. I live in Berlin, together with my partner and our rescue dog.

What I love about weaving is that it’s so similar to architecture. Weaving is a journey of discovery. Each piece I weave teaches me something new. There are endless possibilities and endless surprises. Materials, colours, patterns, techniques - their characteristics have a big impact on my work. It takes a lot of practice to train the eyes and develop sensitivity in the fingertips.

Weaving for me is also a meditative process; repetitive and slow movement offers balance with a stressful work as a full-time architect. Preparing the loom takes a few days. From dressing the loom to the last stroke of yarn, everything is done by hand. Each piece you see on this site, is a visual journal; a transcript of my mood and imagination. 

My weavings are created carefully, slowly and with intention.

I believe in conscious creativity

Slow, natural, and local, my textiles are woven with high quality natural yarns from European suppliers. Hand-spun yarns from local spinners and rescued fibers, I dye most of the yarns myself, with natural botanical dyes. My goal is to create beautiful, unique and conscious textiles; one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story.